Book of Dreams

Blue Mountain Photographic Arts featuring Kate Ri

Book of Dreams
Book of dreams

A dark, cold evening mid-January. I’m trying to maneuver the car through the heavy evening traffic in the hearth of Brussels. May if I can take a speed lane I still can make it on time for my shoot with Kate Ri at 6:30 pm.

6:20 pm. Still ten minutes to find a parking spot and hurry up to the shooting location.

I will meet Kate in a Brussels guesthouse called “Louise sur Cour”. The Neo-classical style house dates from the 19th century but is renovated with great attention paid to conserving heritage.

Just in time (as usual), I’m at the guest house’s front door, texting Kate that I’ll wait outside. Once entered, I discover what a wonderful place the building is: a successful combination of 19th century architecture with a respectful and daring renovation, decorated with art works and exceptional furniture.

Situated at the second floor, Kate’s bedroom seems to be pretty common in regard to the rest of the building. But then she shows me the hidden bathroom. A paradise to use as a shooting location.

Enjoy the pictures as much as I did when creating them.

Kate In The Mirror
Kate in the mirror
So Sweet
So sweet


About Kate Ri:

Kate is a travelling model, originally from Belarus but actual residing in Warsaw. Being a fulltime model, she crosses Europe to cooperate with hundreds of photographers.

She is a very experienced model. a real nice person, very easygoing and laid-back. To me it was a pleasure to work with her.

In case you like to find out more about her, please visit her blog: Kate Ri – travelling model


A Girl I Think I Used To Know
A girl I think I used to know
Everything Is Quiet Now
Everything Is quiet now
Memories of a traveling girl
Memories of a traveling girl
Foam Bath Tenderness
Foam bath tenderness




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