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5 reasons why every woman at least one time should go boudoir

Portrait photography is always extremely challenging, for the photographer as well as for the model, even when everyone who is involved is fully clothed. But bringing things into the boudoir can be an entirely different challenge.

For a woman, a first-time boudoir photo shoot can be very overwhelming. Stripping to your lingerie in a bedroom in the presence of a photographer is a daunting task. No matter how much self-confidence you have, it takes some guts to strip and be comfortable in front of the camera, alone or with your partner. But the outcome of the boudoir photo session will outweigh the cons of the uncomfortable feelings. As a woman or couple having this on your bucket list you will be thrilled with the result.

This article serves as a reference to why a woman should push her limits and should book a boudoir session. Today!

The Heat Is On
The heat is on – in frame: Nika (Czech Republic)

Rediscover your most sexy groove

A lot of women think it might be essential to change their wardrobe or it is trivial to switch hair colours or to cut the hair to get their sexy look back again. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary solution. But booking a boudoir session and put on your most sexy pieces and view the result of your efforts will make you feel sexy for the years to come. Boudoir photography aids you in finding how good-looking you are and how beautiful your body is. You will find out there is more to you than freshly done hair your beautiful smile or eyes. Don’t be afraid to find out what will be discovered during the shoot.

No Fury Like a Young Girl's Ego
No Fury Like a Young Girl’s Ego – in frame: Kate Ri (Belarus)

Pamper yourself

Women tend to put others first in their lives a lot of the time. Why don’t you take some time out for yourself? As a woman, when it comes to pamper yourself, there is no better way to do so than going boudoir. Book a shoot, go shopping and buy yourself that lingerie set you always wanted. Boudoir will make a great gift for yourself! You will love every minute of it, starting with the preparation for the shoot until you discover the final result.

Meeting her at London’s Dorchester Hotel, tonight – in frame: Mirin (Belgium)

Surprise your partner with something extremely sexy

Traditional gifts for your lover doesn’t cut it anymore. Go with the trend, get a boudoir to surprise him. Imagine the look on his face when you overwhelm him with a little black leather album full of sensual pictures of the one he loves! He already is convinced you’re beautiful on your worst days and in your yoga pants, so now is the time to show him how smoking hot you are in a classy lingerie! He will be blown away. It may be a side he’s never seen!


Boost your self-esteem, build your confidence

Boosting your self-esteem is easy if you decide to go boudoir. You will discover positive things about yourself. You are beautiful, and boudoir makes you realize it! You will see how gorgeous you really are. It will put a pep in your step and it will be the strongest confidence builder you’ll ever find.

Bedroom Flamenco.jpg
Bedroom Flamenco – in frame: Kate Ri (Belarus)



Book of Dreams

Blue Mountain Photographic Arts featuring Kate Ri

Book of Dreams
Book of dreams

A dark, cold evening mid-January. I’m trying to maneuver the car through the heavy evening traffic in the hearth of Brussels. May if I can take a speed lane I still can make it on time for my shoot with Kate Ri at 6:30 pm.

6:20 pm. Still ten minutes to find a parking spot and hurry up to the shooting location.

I will meet Kate in a Brussels guesthouse called “Louise sur Cour”. The Neo-classical style house dates from the 19th century but is renovated with great attention paid to conserving heritage.

Just in time (as usual), I’m at the guest house’s front door, texting Kate that I’ll wait outside. Once entered, I discover what a wonderful place the building is: a successful combination of 19th century architecture with a respectful and daring renovation, decorated with art works and exceptional furniture.

Situated at the second floor, Kate’s bedroom seems to be pretty common in regard to the rest of the building. But then she shows me the hidden bathroom. A paradise to use as a shooting location.

Enjoy the pictures as much as I did when creating them.

Kate In The Mirror
Kate in the mirror
So Sweet
So sweet


About Kate Ri:

Kate is a travelling model, originally from Belarus but actual residing in Warsaw. Being a fulltime model, she crosses Europe to cooperate with hundreds of photographers.

She is a very experienced model. a real nice person, very easygoing and laid-back. To me it was a pleasure to work with her.

In case you like to find out more about her, please visit her blog: Kate Ri – travelling model


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