A Dark Concept

Blue Mountain Photographic Arts featuring Stephanie Ballet


A few weeks ago I had the honor of creating a stylized studio shoot with Belgian model Stephanie.

Sometimes you like to create a portrait that just screams drama and emotion. Sometimes that emotion might be joy, but this time the idea was to portray a sort of dark, brooding atmosphere.

To achieve this, a dark, dramatic scene was set up, using a single light source to produce some facial shadows. I dare to say, nothing is quite like the effect of low-key lighting to show drama in an image.

A Dark Concept


Stephanie is a model I love to work with. She is an absolutely beautiful young woman both inside and out. You can find more of her works on her model profile page.

Black Tears

Take Me To Some Twilight Land



I also was very lucky and grateful to collaborate with the amazing Anne-Sophie Conickx of Grimmik who did an absolutely phenomenal make up job. Her work is just beautiful and I want to give my dearest thanks to her!

Special thanks also to Yvonne van Ingen – Verheijen from Fantasy Design for letting us use the wonderful dress.



I hope you enjoyed looking through these photos as much as I enjoyed creating them!


Author: Ben De Winter

Ben is a part time photographer residing in Aarschot, Belgium, with a passion for a range of sensual photography including portraiture, glamour and boudoir shoots and artistic nude photography.

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